Panasonic GF6-first photo shoot.

Having had little to point the camera at lately and with Autumn being reluctant to show its colors I finally had a photo opportunity to come via air to fill the gap. The local Heli Ag chopper flying around over our southern boundary. The Panorama shot is an approx. 100 degree sweep looking south east to south west as seen, with southeast being the left … Continue reading Panasonic GF6-first photo shoot.

A new year & new challenges.

I’ve been in a real photography slump of late. I’ve now been retired for 6 months and the adjustment has been a lot more complex than I had anticipated. However lately I’ve been slowly getting the desire to get a few photos in the camera. Autumn is coming and I’d like to get some decent Autumn color photos. Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon the moment … Continue reading A new year & new challenges.