FujiFilm HS30EXR .. First User Review

FujiFilm HS30EXR .. First User Review

Originally posted at Dpreview, was this initial user review from one of the senior forum members at Club Snap Forums
Included is a good series of images from the HS30 and bodes well for this camera.
Scroll down the first page for the images and go to page to for a bit more analysis.
Most interesting to note is that it appears the HS30 may be faster in the auto focus than the X10. Now that’s really good news!!

Posted by R. McKenzie at 4:49 PM
  1. … Ralph: Looking forward to your hands-on of the HS30 vs. 20.
    … Getting the spring camera fever.


  2. Yep its fast approaching that time of year.
    Hopefully this next camera will be the last for a couple of years if they have got it right.


  3. Me too, Ralph – I’m looking forward to your results. Looks like it’s going to be ONE AWESOME CAMERA!!!


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