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Photography Forums

For those of us that have been around the internet for a while, we tend to wind up being associated with all sorts of forums. Myself in particular this includes mainly woodwork , photography and astronomy forums. I’m active on about eight of them at any one time but lately have decided to cut back a little. Going on a forum reduction diet 🙂

Three forums that I regard as being very worthwhile are the premier New Zealand photography forum HelloPhoto. This is the forum attached to the excellent bi-monthly magazine D-Photo of which I am a subscriber, and its currently the only publication I bother with as it covers everything I am interested in and is a good price to boot. The level of photography both amateur and professional found here is astonishing considering the relatively small membership number. Currently a little over 1500 members.

Most photographers are aware of course of DPreview’s online forum, a very large international forum, and one that at times can be for the beginner or part time photography buff a little intimidating and over whelming. Be warned there are some vigorous debates held at Dpreview Forums

And for a more genteel and photo friendly photography forum you would do well to visit Dave Lloyd’s,  Eye Mind Soul forum. The birth of this forum came about for those more interested in sharing their work for comment or imparting good technical help. Many of the members here have been long time Dpreview forum members and will no doubt be known to many who have frequented the Dpreview forums. The object of this forum is more generalized photography discussion rather than the more technical discussion most often found at larger gear based forums.

All in all , coming from an 35mm SLR background and still being somewhat of a novice in the digital world, being part of these communities has been and is a great way of learning and imparting learned knowledge with other photography enthusiasts and professionals.

Posted by R. McKenzie at 6:07 PM  

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