Sunday Excursion .. Pt2.

Excursion Part 2


 As with any photographic journey, its as much about the travel as it is the destination. On the first leg of our trip we stopped at a road side rest area, which doubles as a lookout point towards the west coast and the harbour village of Kawhia. While there we met some locals as well as a couple of chaps out for a ride and several wild chooks that had made the area their home. Obviously they are well fed judging by the size and condition.

The boys admiring the view

The day was fine , sunny and for a change reasonably clear looking out to the coast. The lads with the motorcycles were admiring the view. Harley cruiser in the background and a brand spanking new Buell foreground.


The wife just had to try one out for size. And she says I cant have one 😦 Which isn’t surprising really as she was on the back of my last bike and 5 months pregnant, when we had the misfortune of being taken out by an inconsiderate driver. Fortunately she landed on top of me, which didn’t improve my temper any. However she went on to deliver what is now my 27 year old daughter, whom I am immensely proud of.

Anyway the bikes looked good as did the view.

Oparau Store.

A little further down the road ( about 15 kms) is the little Oparau Store and camper van rest stop. We stopped here for lunch and got talking to the proprietor who just happened to have the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 sitting on the counter attached to a lap top. I asked him how busy he had been as it was a Sunday and he said steady, and then went on to say that he had had 104 motorbikes parked outside the day before. He sure had and he had the photos to show me. Motorbikes all over the place. Some very impressive machinery from a lot of different manufactures. I note that the Pana took a pretty crisp photo as well, so then we got to comparing cameras.Interesting debate and then lunch. So far the day was turning out pretty well. Out side the store my wife noticed this chap. Seems he took a wrong turn somewhere.

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