Pentax K30 Review.

For those who like to keep a handle on the new models of DSLR’s, here’s a very good review of the new Pentax K30.

If I had a wish list for cameras this one would be at the top. In part because I already own a range of good quality glass for these cameras and the fact that its weather sealed. Its specification is only a minor step down from the much esteemed Pentax K5.

While Canon and Nikon are also bringing to market some serious new or heavily updated models , the new Pentax K30 is nicely positioned against the Nikon d7000 and has a slightly more useful lens in the single lens kit version. In terms of megapixels there’s nothing in it between these two and in fact the Canon 60d is the third option in this level of camera. All are classed as entry/mid level cameras and all will give you excellent results. All have their weaknesses and strengths.

My choice is the K30 not just because I’m already a Pentax owner but because the weather seal, Vastly improved Contrast detect/AF, AA battery option and general ergonomic layout is just that little bit above the competition.

In terms of price there is little to separate the cameras so it comes down to what features you like best and what you may already have in the cupboard.

You can view the K30’s review here. Its one of the most in-depth and non biased reports I’ve seen in a while from a camera review site.

Current NZ pricing for the cameras mentioned here :

Pentax K30 from Photo & Video Warehouse

Canon 60D  from Photo & Video Warehouse

Nikon D7000 from Photo & Video Warehouse

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