I seldom if ever get a cold and up till the end of last month this remained true.

Unfortunately 2 weeks ago I happened to be working on a clients house who had the nastiest cold virus I have ever encountered. I’ve had the flu ( genuine article) in the past and while this didn’t put me in bed for a week it did all but incapacitate me for four days. To make matters worse I had to work as well and that didn’t help.

After starting to feel better on day four my wife started to come down with the virus as well as my daughter and daughter in law. My son moved home to finish his studies at a local poly-tech and his good lady has been incapacitated since last Friday.

Unfortunately my wife still smokes ( only 2 or 3 a day now) but the virus has affected her so badly that she is showing signs of bronchitis and we are off to the doctor today.

Needless to say that not a lot has happened here at the blog for a while, and to make matters worse I’m starting a new job this week and we still don’t have the house reorganised for the extra people here now. So make sure if you have the flu virus vaccine available in your health system you get them. While this wasn’t a full blown flu attack its a very good reminder of why you should get the vaccine shot regardless of your current health status.

On a brighter note, over the coming weeks I will be doing a review of the iPad, iPad2 as well as one of the current Samsung smartphones to see how they compare photographically to your HS20 or other Fuji cameras.

Some of the functionality , features and resolution of the iPad has certainly made me want to take a second look at these pieces of technology.