Dont Drop Your Camera or…

You Get This..

I posted the following in the Dpreview Forums as well, but it is worth a mention here. While you camera may feel quite robust and you do tend to bump them around abit in general shooting conditions. Dropping them off a bench onto a hard floor just doesnt go well with the delicate equipment housed in side the camera case. This had all but rendered my HS20 useless, however I am slowly putting together a working environment that still makes the camera a handy tool. I will update this as I get to grips with how to use the camera, now I have isolated at least one issue with it.

” For several months now I have been battling gremlins in my HS20. The gremlins arrived shortly after I knocked the camera off my desk and onto a hard wood floor. Since then I have been battling hit or miss focus, most noticeably at longer focal lengths and hadn’t been able to pin down what was wrong … until I got this.


The bird ( a swallow) is sitting under a fluorescent light so light isnt an issue other than adjusting Ev to suit. The bird is approximately 15-20 feet ( 5 to 6 metres) from my position and I am bracing the camera. I took approximately twenty shots, all of which looked like this. The camera was telling me that focus had locked and in both the EVF and the LCD the image looked well focused.
All that remained was a little more pressure on the shutter button and hey presto shot done.
 I’ve seen more of this, mostly it shows up at longer focal lengths which isn’t a surprise as this is where you would expect I.S. to really kick in, and as far as I can tell that’s where the problem lies. I think the fall has damaged the I.S. system and I now have an intermittent Image Stabilisation fault. Unfortunately this isn’t a warranty issue so it wont be fixed.

 I have being running some experiments with I.S turned off, and trying different shooting options to still use the camera.
To test one set of settings I enlisted the services of my ever so patient model Abbey.
With image stabilisation off and ISO at 400 I snapped off a series of shots, one of which, (the bottom image) I’m now using as a wallpaper on my desktop 🙂 “
*Wide angle

> *Std Macro

2 thoughts on “Dont Drop Your Camera or…

    1. Thanks Jaya.

      She’s a great companion and likes to talk … a lot. We have lots of interesting conversations and I get the feeling she knows what I’m saying a good deal of the time.

      She’s also tiny, about half the size of our other two cats, but has twice the attitude,as shes the family matriarch.


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