X-Pro 1 and Auto Focus Test.

The lads at Fuji Rumours have just posted this YouTube clip. For those who are considering upgrading to the X-Pro 1 level of camera, this video should be of interest and concern to you.

I wont beat about the bush. The X-Pro 1 is an overpriced camera and one that really isn’t as good as its makers say. I don’t need to own one to know this, rather its easy to find photography forums where there are a multitude of complaints regarding this camera. There’s also a lot of happy users out there as well, which just goes to show not all of us are concerned about the pitfalls of the X-Pro 1 or its hefty price-tag.

However after viewing this video, which I will admit is not particularly scientific, as a potential buyer it would be enough to scare me off. Watch the speed of the AF and remember this is using the new and improved firmware designed to speed up the focus, and also watch the file write times. The reviewers also remarks on this. In point of fact when I shoot my HS20 in L 16:9 mode and fire off shots like this my write speed is very similar and its one of my pet hates regarding the HS20 (even with a class 10 card). The X-Pro 1 looks to have a somewhat bigger write buffer than the HS20 as you would expect, but when compared to the Olympus its woeful. In fact this little demo has gone a long way to convincing me to buy an Olympus, and when I consider than in the days of 35mm film SLR’s, Olympus was one of the kings of camera makers with their OM series SLR’s, you can see the heritage in this new camera of theirs.

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