Autumn 2012 ..March/Apr/May

During Autumn this year I was still working for the roadside mowing people.

One of the really nice things about this job is the huge amount of countryside you get to see. Especially the back roads, that are off the normal day to day routes most folk use. I have been editing and compiling a large number of images to put together as a rural sector collection. These are more typical of what you see when you move away from the main travelling routes, which tend to be a little tidier in appearance than some of the more hidden sectors.

Some of these areas have had farming of some sort since the earliest days of the pioneers that first came to New Zealand in the late 1700’s and further back a lot of these areas were farmed by the local Maori tribes. Today most of the bush and forestry that would have been evident is long gone and the land a lot more tame than it originally was. Even so there is still some very hard country in amongst these back roads, and there very definitely a sense of time about the region.

As its Autumn I have included a few “Fall color” shots plus a few others from the collection. A lot of which still needs to be processed.

Click each image for a larger view  size. All taken with the HS20EXR, Exif is embedded.

Rural New Zealand .. Autumn 2012

Hidden Bees
Golden Poplar
The road less traveled
Further along the road less traveled















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