Or more of the same in disguise.

Perhaps not. On the surface the HS50EXR has a lot going for it.

So whats under the hood? Well the hood is now larger than the HS30, in fact its almost as big and weighty as the XS1. Think XS1 on a slimming diet, a little lighter and a little less bulk.

The line up of features is pretty good too.

  • A 42x Lens 24 – 1000mm) equivalent
  • New EXR II sensor
  • Super fast Phase Detect AF ( similar to that found in DSLR’s)
  • Improved image stabilization.
  • Full HD movies @ 60fps
  • 920k dot finer and LCD ( a big improvement on the HS20)
  • Variable angle LCD
  • Intelligent digital zoom ( something we lost on the HS20)
  • Higher continuous frame rate
  • Improved lithium battery for up to 500 shots (still not as good as AA lithium rechargeable as used in the HS20 )
  • Retains the 58mm lens diameter, great news for those that bought filters for the other HS series cameras.
  • Q function button for getting to your favourite settings in a jiffy. This is a welcome inclusion and more configurable than the old function button that Fuji put on some models.
  • Focus peak for manual focusing, something that would have been nice on the HS20, rather than the horrible magnified image we had to use.

Time will tell whether Fuji is on to a winner here or repeated the problems with the XS1. Hopefully not.

There’s ( for me at least ) a lot to like about this new camera. Hopefully it will be priced well, something the XS1 never was, right from the outset. Of course there’s lots of other features as well but by far the most important ones are listed above.

All going well we should see units hit the shops March/April, a fairly traditional launch time for Fuji’s new lines. Whose willing to be a pioneer and grab a new one, or is the specter of the problem plagued XS1 going to stay your hand for a bit?

This is the first video from the Fuji Guys showing what it looks like in action.