Finepix 8XXX series new cameras

For whatever reason, Fuji have decided that we need apart from the HS50 and the SL1000 another 4 super zoom/bridge cameras. Personally this seems like overkill, but I guess if it sells units then Fuji will be happy.

Fuji S 8500 .. maybe red is the answer 🙂

The S8000 series hasn’t a lot to distinguish between models, the key differences being each model has a different focal length lens and a differing amount of digital zoom. All of this on a 1/2.3 BSI sensor conjures up possibly ugly results. The models that these cameras are replacing, the S4000 series, were woeful and I have this nagging suspicion that the same will apply to the new generation of stripped down HS series cameras, which these basically are.

I think the caveat here is buy at your peril. To date there is nothing here that would entice me to buy one of these models. It would appear that Fuji is hoping that mega zoom coupled with average performance and IQ is going to be enough to bring a new flock of happy snappers into the Fuji family. Once again time will tell, but if these cameras are like their predecessors, there will be little to recommend them.

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