Music of the moment..

I recently downloaded the album My Head Is An Animal by the Icelandic group Of Monsters & Men.

I first heard the track Little Talks on the radio one day last week and thought, gee these guys sound good, and Google being your friend, quickly did a search for them. They are a still new and up and coming Indie Rock/Folk band, with a very unique sound that speaks to the Norse ancestry in me. Cliche I know, but I have a soft spot for Celtic type sound and music. And this band certainly fits right in.

Here the video of  Little Talks, and the album is very well worth the download, with only one song that I don’t particularly like, which for me seems to be the case with most albums I get.

2 thoughts on “Music of the moment..

    1. Hi Kym, yeah it’s a good album and its always nice to find fresh new sounds and artists. The 4 minute jingle that is often produced these days is just the same as the stuff we were listening to a year or two ago. Artistic talent seems to get overridden by the music industry’s desire to make copious amounts of money, even if the artist is basically talentless or talented, it all becomes very formulaic and boring, while music of substance and artistry goes by the way side.


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