4 thoughts on “The Bees

  1. Hi! i am a avid reader of your blog!(largely because i an also an owner of hs20exr!) i would like to know the exact setting on the hs20exr that you use for these bee shots! i usually shoot in exr HR mode with film simulation to astia; color mid; tone std; sharpness hard; noise reduction low…. are these bee shots using these settings? please tell me!


    1. Hi Jaya
      Glad you like the blog. I would say that the techniques I use for the HS20 would not be all that different if using a DSLR. Essentially the approach and setup would be the same.
      You pose an interesting question and as the answer is a little long for a reply here, I will do an article shortly as a sort of “how to” for doing a shoot like this.


      1. Thank you so much for your article! Another question i would like to ask: Is there any chance you will be purchasing the upcoming HS50EXR? do you think its a worthwhile upgrade from the HS20EXR?


        1. Yes I will in all likelihood get the HS50 as a replacement for the HS20.
          It wont be until the end of the year though. Given the faults that plagued the X-10 and the XS1, I wont be in any hurry to make a purchase.

          All the improvements in the HS50 should make for a very nice camera. I am very interested in the Phase detection AF as this is the same as used in DSLR’s. If the new EXR II sensor can give better IQ than the HS20/30 then they should have a winner on their hands. There’s a lot of nice new features included so I have my fingers crossed they don’t screw it up.


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