The Bees

The bees gallery is a series of images of the humble honey bee at work.

Shot exclusively with the Fuji HS20EXR, this series of images was shot over an 18month period from early summer 2011 to the summer 2013. All images have been edited using Photoscape 3.6 and Neat Image for noise reduction.

4 thoughts on “The Bees

  1. Hi! i am a avid reader of your blog!(largely because i an also an owner of hs20exr!) i would like to know the exact setting on the hs20exr that you use for these bee shots! i usually shoot in exr HR mode with film simulation to astia; color mid; tone std; sharpness hard; noise reduction low…. are these bee shots using these settings? please tell me!


    1. Hi Jaya
      Glad you like the blog. I would say that the techniques I use for the HS20 would not be all that different if using a DSLR. Essentially the approach and setup would be the same.
      You pose an interesting question and as the answer is a little long for a reply here, I will do an article shortly as a sort of “how to” for doing a shoot like this.


      1. Thank you so much for your article! Another question i would like to ask: Is there any chance you will be purchasing the upcoming HS50EXR? do you think its a worthwhile upgrade from the HS20EXR?


        1. Yes I will in all likelihood get the HS50 as a replacement for the HS20.
          It wont be until the end of the year though. Given the faults that plagued the X-10 and the XS1, I wont be in any hurry to make a purchase.

          All the improvements in the HS50 should make for a very nice camera. I am very interested in the Phase detection AF as this is the same as used in DSLR’s. If the new EXR II sensor can give better IQ than the HS20/30 then they should have a winner on their hands. There’s a lot of nice new features included so I have my fingers crossed they don’t screw it up.


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