HS50 arriving very soon.

Just received an email from Fuji N.Z.

I had asked when the HS50 & SL1000 are due to be on sale. As of today Fuji have received their first shipments so I would expect to see them start arriving in store shortly.

For those that would like one ASAP, contact you nearest Fuji retailer and ask them to order one for you as Fuji dispatch on a same day basis.

The news for the SL1000 however is not so good. As of today there is no confirmation as yet on whether N.Z. will get the SL1000. So if you are wanting one I would suggest that you contact the sales Dept of Fuji N.Z and see if they can procure units for your local retailer or direct from Fuji.

3 thoughts on “HS50 arriving very soon.

  1. i envy those people who havent own HS20 or 30…. This camera is still the ultimate superzoom camera i say!!!


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