Latest HS50 Prices

As usual we see the wide range of prices that some retailers put on their products. The HS50 is no exception to this. It does however beg the question as to exactly how some retailers think they can get away with the more exorbitant pricing, perhaps they don’t have internet access or are restricted to one particular supplier who is rorting their clients for pecuniary gain. Whatever the case, as a prospective buyer you would do well to look around carefully, and in this the net is the best place to start and possibly finish.

Below is a quick search result from Pricespy showing the availability of the HS50. Pricespy is my recommendation as a starting point in you purchase plans for any future camera. It saves an awful lot of time.


One thought on “Latest HS50 Prices

  1. The camera performed very well on a 10 week holiday in the UK. Took a wide variety of photos – birds on maximum telephoto required stable monopod and the sharpness was not as good as I would have desired. Macro is not really macro – just reasonable close up. Orchid photos were pleasing. Also using a close-up filter gave good macro – like 1:1 or even slightly larger. Manual zoom and manual focussing facility are certainly very strong features of the camera. I found it to be an ideal travel camera and am pleased not to be changing lenses all of the time. Focussing during video use was not as good as I would have hoped. But all in all I would still recommend it as a camera to buy.


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