As many of you will have noticed I havent been updating the site for a few months. Truth to tell I’ve been busy with other projects taking up my time.

One of the projects is now finished and I’m able to sit back and enjoy.

“The Strads” have been a while in the making, nearly 200 hours of spare time was put into them over the last few months but now they are finished and I can get back to some summer photography weather permitting.

Over the past weeks I’ve had no chance at getting a camera out, mostly due to work pressures and weather. Spring can be such a fickle time of the year and this year proved to be no exception.

For the audiophiles among us click the Strads link for the build thread, below are some photos (HS20 of course ) of the finished article.

DSCF7708_filtered DSCF7656 DSCF7636 DSCF7631