Latest Fuji Stats from

Flickr is one of the original large scale online storage centers for free photo storage. The site is continually being improved and updated, while the storage is somewhat limited, it does have some redeeming factors, one of these being the cameras stats page.

I visit this page approx twice per year to see how different cameras are doing. While this is in no way designed as a scientific measure it is revealing nonethless. It stands to reason that popular cameras are going to be more widely used than their more refined counterparts. Think pocket camera versus bridgecamera. In theory you would think that the go anywhere point and shoot pocket camera would be the most popular therefore we should see this reflected in the amount of photos people store online.

While most photo sharing sites don’t seem to have anyway to check what type of cameras are used at least Flickr does. With over 7 billion images stored on Flickr’s servers it gives a large data pool for one to draw from.

Today’s stats are quite revealing in that they show good activity by Fuji users but by far the majority of stored images are from cameras between 6 and 10 years old. That of course stands to reason because of their age.

What I find more revealing is the lack of images from the likes of the venerable S100fs and the S200EXR, both touted as being top-line bridge-cameras of their day. Although the s100fs does do considerably better than the s200EXR and the HS20 isn’t too far behind the S100fs, which leads me to think that the HS10 & HS20 were well received by the Fuji owners.

It will be interesting to track the new generation X cameras as people start to use them, although with Fuji’s rapid fire production/model turnover there may well be less representation in the statistics as production numbers will be somewhat limited.

The beauty of the S5700 and the S5000 is that they are mid sized cameras, easy to pack, reasonably well specked and while not as responsive as the new generation cameras still take a half decent photo and are popular as travel cameras.

You can view all the data here on Flickr’s camera pages.

Note how high the iPad is shown, no wonder Fuji has dropped most of its small camera models.




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