Catching the light.

Stepped outside for a moment tonight and was presented with some very nice evening light just prior to sunset. Taken with the HS20EXR & yes I do still take photos 🙂

The starring was taken using the sun through the tress to cause the dappled bokeh and rainbow effect. This was done without using any special filter or camera mode.






4 thoughts on “Catching the light.

  1. I have a question for Kiwi Retrospective. I am trying to copy slides with an HS20 EXR. I have made an adapter with an individual slide viewer which used a frosted glass panel held in front of a light source,(flurescent light bulb). Works ok except colors come through too pale ie deep orange blossoms are pale orange Also too bright although WB might solve that. Any suggestion



    1. Apologies for the late reply.
      I’m thinking that to remove the orange cast you may have to experiment with a custom white balance setting to offset the colour shift from your lighting rig.
      The fluro settings on the Fujis are pretty good so you may find one of the built in presets may do the job.

      Slides can be very difficult to image properly as some of the finer and softer color doesn’t always transmit well from slide to camera. Partly because of color shift and refraction in the lens and partly because of the nature of the colour in the slides, especially blues for some reason. I gave up doing my slides with the camera.
      At some point I will shell out for a printer that is slide and negative capable, but for now I just shoot several shots of the older prints I have and PP them.

      You could try projecting the slides onto a smooth white background ( as in a screen) and tripod mount the camera and take a shot and them PP it. I’m not sure how good that would work but it may be worth a go. Just remember to turn off image stabilisation if you are tripod mounted.

      Good Luck


      1. Thank you for your comments. I am still experimenting with the method. Sometimes the results look better, sometimes not.

        One other question, which mode on the wheel offers the best hope. I have had most success with the Auto setting but wonder something else might be better.



  2. I would be inclined to use EXR HR and either 3:2 or 16:9 images sizes. Detail and crispness is better preserved in these formats, not entirely sure why, but thousands of images at these sizes seem to have a edge in the sharpness stakes when compared against the standard 4:3 format.

    Also try increasing the saturation of the red/yellow channels in PP and see if that helps with the pale colours.



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