Fuji and the road ahead … Pt.4

The Mirrorless Alternative:

We now turn our attention to the mirrorless cameras and see if there is a viable alternative in our search to replace our ageing bridge cameras.

One thing that becomes apparent quickly is just how much option you have in this market sector. For those specifically looking to upgrade to a two lens setup, there is a large range to choose from. It’s also apparent that trying to find a suitable replacement for our all in one camera is not going to be easy to resolve yet.

So what is on offer?

It becomes apparent very quickly that the mid level mirror less class has a lot on offer. Unfortunately almost all of them fall out side the parameters we are working to.

Namely a sub $1000 NZD bridge camera replacement.

Most come with a 16-55 lens or something similar and either a APS-C or micro four thirds sensor. Allowing for the sensors crop factor that means that any lens stated as part of the camera kit will have a multiple of 1.5 for the APS-C or 2 for the Micro 4/3 sensor. Effectively this means that for a 18-55 mm lens the equivalent (focal length for a full frame camera) is 27 mm to 82.5 mm and 36 to 110 mm for the micro 4/3 sensor.

Straight away this tells us we will need a second lens, and that’s where things really start to go off track. A good quality telephoto lens in the 18 mm to 250 mm range is very costly when bought as a separate item, in some cases costing as much as twice the cost of the camera body by itself. Take for example the Samsung NX300 a very promising camera and good looking to boot in white, but when you add the cheaper Samsung NX EX-T50-200mm lens for $495.00 NZD you immediately go over budget. In reality to get close to what we really want we would need the Samsung NX EX-L18-200mm OIS lens but at $895.99 NZD then its clear we wont be able to achieve our goal.


This problem is encountered with almost every model you look at in this range.

I wont show all the cameras and models I have looked at .. it would bore you. Suffice to say the choices are very limited in the mirror-less range. Add to that that most physically are of a small form factor, making it difficult for those of us (me included ) with larger hands to actually maintain a sound grip. In fact anything under the size of my HS20 is going to be awkward to hold.

So if not the mirror-less range then what? That pretty much leaves us with the current crop of DSLR’s, and this is where things start to get interesting.

More to come….




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