Announced only a few days ago the new FZ1000 from Panasonic grabbed my attention. If its as good as its specs suggest, unless Fuji can counter this, I think this camera would be sufficient reason to jump ship and join Panasonic.

One of the draw back for me was always the thought of returning to a motorized zoom. The new FZ1000 allows fully automated zoom, manual zoom or manual focus. This multi purpose ability was a real attention grabber as was the 1 inch sensor.

The sensor size on its own puts this camera in what I would term a new class or generation of camera. Clearly aimed at the Sony RX10, but with better focal length, the new Panny is going to be a game breaker for those wanting a high quality bridge-camera. I have no problem with a 25 mm to 400 mm especially when you have 4x digital zoom available as well. Add to that 4k video recording and what’s not to like? Size wise its similar to a Small DSLR not to different from the HS50 or XS1.

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You can be sure I will be watching this camera very closely. Check out all its features, this has one amazing set of specifications. Shutter speed for example is better than all the competition bar none. Check out the full spec sheet and first impressions from Dpreview here or watch the video below