Panasonic FZ1000 .. A new Standard in Bridge Cameras?

Announced only a few days ago the new FZ1000 from Panasonic grabbed my attention. If its as good as its specs suggest, unless Fuji can counter this, I think this camera would be sufficient reason to jump ship and join Panasonic.

One of the draw back for me was always the thought of returning to a motorized zoom. The new FZ1000 allows fully automated zoom, manual zoom or manual focus. This multi purpose ability was a real attention grabber as was the 1 inch sensor.

The sensor size on its own puts this camera in what I would term a new class or generation of camera. Clearly aimed at the Sony RX10, but with better focal length, the new Panny is going to be a game breaker for those wanting a high quality bridge-camera. I have no problem with a 25 mm to 400 mm especially when you have 4x digital zoom available as well. Add to that 4k video recording and what’s not to like? Size wise its similar to a Small DSLR not to different from the HS50 or XS1.

Click on the image to read an early review

You can be sure I will be watching this camera very closely. Check out all its features, this has one amazing set of specifications. Shutter speed for example is better than all the competition bar none. Check out the full spec sheet and first impressions from Dpreview here or watch the video below

7 thoughts on “Panasonic FZ1000 .. A new Standard in Bridge Cameras?

  1. I am pretty sure that the 1000 does not have manual zoom. The ring around the lens is used for motorised zoom (rather than a rocker switch as supplied on the FZ200. Many of the preview articles state that it is somewhat slow. I am used to that after using the FZ200 for some time.
    The rest of the camera is a winner and I await the inevitable price drop, hopefully around the new year mark. Certainly, I shall be snapping one of these up…


  2. Regarding the lens barrel ring, you may be right about that. There seems to be some vagueness as to its actual function. I rather think its a pseudo manual zoom, that is powered but gives the impression that one is using manual zoom, much like the RX10 is purported to be. Maybe a RX10 user could shed some light on this. Currently I’ve yet to find a local store that has the RX10 for me to go and play with 😛

    Like you , I’m very tempted to get this camera once the launch price settles a bit.


  3. Mr. McKenzie, so good to find your website, away from those god-awful DP Review forums. I was treated rudely one too many times, and withdrew from participation. I was the ‘Gaijin Tourist’ in my posting days . . . . .

    I am a very happy X-S1 user, and have been a Fujifilm fan back to the days of using Reala and Velvia and shooting the ‘Texas Rangefinders’.

    I was hoping for a follow-on for the X-S. My wishes would have been a larger sensor with an ensuing smaller-ratio zoom, and wireless flash control. That Fujifilm has been VERY busy birthing an entire X System of bodies and interchangeable lenses is understood, but they were still keeping a range of ‘one-piece’ cameras intact with the 100S, X20, the little XQ, etc., and I hoped that if nothing else, they could have dropped the X20 engine into a new X-S, as the first one was essentially X10 internals.

    (BTW, I own an X10 as well, and you CAN swap your memory cards from one to the other with no problems.)

    Aside from the motor-zoom, it seems Panasonic is making this camera I imagined instead of Fuji.
    I shall be very interested to read the coming rounds of reviews.

    For me, the RX10 was a non-starter. I have a great respect for this camera, but the price for me is too dear for a zoom that stops at 200mm. I don’t need the extreme reach out to 1000mm that pieces like the S-1 are offering, but I would want no less than the FZ’s 400mm which is enough for me..

    Enjoying your website, and all the best from Tennessee to all of you in NZ !

    Joey Wilson
    Nashville, Tennessee


  4. Hi Joey. I remember your Forum name. I have a feeling that a large number of FTF members have stop posting there as well for the same reasons you were subjected to. While its generally supposed to be a gear forum it has fallen foul of the know all trolls who seem to think that its their prerogative to spout unsubstantiated rubbish and everyone should agree or suffer the consequences. Forum moderation has helped a lot, but some of the most informative people are not seen anymore.

    It was one of the overriding reasons for starting this blog, as I was seeing far too much rubbish being spouted and users of EXR cameras were struggling to comprehend the workings of the cameras.
    Where ever possible I try to impart information gleaned from using Fuji cameras ( in particular ), whether from ownership, leant units, user responses or in-store trials, which is my least favourite method.

    I started in professional photography immediately after finishing school at the tender age of 15 :).That was 1972 – after a couple of years I went on the obligatory O.E., got married, had kids, and the photography eventually was put in the background.

    About 10 years ago I got our first digital camera and have been hooked again since. I have as much passion for being behind the camera now as I did originally. I’m currently fleshing out the ideas for a photographic work centred on the hidden world of the New Zealand farmer, whose often misunderstood and maligned.

    The FZ1000 could well be the tool for the job, but I am seriously drawn to the XA1 two lens kit. Hopefully come our summer I will have the extra cash to buy something new.

    Glad you enjoy the site, I try to keep it interesting as well as informative.


  5. Back again. I now have the FZ1000 and after the usual settling in and getting to know the beast, I am well happy. I also have the Panasonic G7. I find that I reach for the 1000 as often as not. A fab bit of kit, I must say. Great to hold and a plethora of options. The 4K grab-a-still feature is quite well implemented. I find the resultant 8M jpegs a tad noisy and that is easily cleaned up in Lightroom.

    Actual IQ is brilliant. Overall, I believe that this shall stand me in good stead for some time to come…


    1. Howdy M8, good to see you again.
      I had given the FZ1000 a very hard look but couldn’t quite justify the price at present. The when my son came home from Canada he picked up the XA2 promo kit for my 60th birthday.
      He always liked Nikon but has quickly come to like what Fuji are doing with the X series cameras. Hopefully he will remember to leave the camera here when he goes back to Canada, although he’s looking at investing in an XT1 with the XF18-55 to go with the XF27mm we already have.


  6. 60, eh? Well done you. My turn next January. Flying back to Aus from England for that one. As for the XT1. Astonishing quality from what I’ve seen on the web. And from all accounts the 18-55 is also pretty special. I would happily settle for the XT10 myself…


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