3 thoughts on “The FZ1000 first review video.

  1. For me, there would be no contest. If I were to have to replace my X-S1 today, I would look no further than the Sony RX10. I know it is expensive, but has the right features and quality, and the closest you can currently get to a proper zoom ring (even if it is powered) For me to say this is a big thing……I run a Panasonic dealer, and I am just not convinced by Panasonic bridge caameras. Traditionally the build has always been very poor, huge noise at anything approaching high ISO, aand since the DMC-FZ50, no zoom ring, which I think is unforgiveable! Admittedly, I havent got my hands on an FZ1000 yet, but I would be AMAZED if it comes anywhere close to the Sony (or the lovely shooting experience of the X-S1.
    You can pick up new, boxed X-S1’s in the UK, for £250, you’d be better off ordering one from here and having it shipped over, They come with a worldwide guarantee, so should be fine.


    1. Hi Phil.
      Big call but I know what you mean. I don’t know what it is but The Panny’s have never really appealed to me, at least until now with the FZ1000. However I wont know till I get my hands on one for a serious look.
      It would be good if you get one in store and do a spot of analysis on it. I would be happy to post your results.
      For me I’ve come to the conclusion that image IQ and fast AF are the two top requirements in any new camera that I get, and to date that most likely will be a mirror-less or DSLR camera unless the FZ really can live up to the hype.
      Unfortunately the RX10 really doesn’t match up. Too short in the Focal Length and too expensive. I could buy two DSLR’s for the same money.
      My preference would be for an updated XS1 with a 1″ sensor and maintain the focal length.
      One thing that goes against the FZ though is its price
      899.00 USD = 1,033.57 NZD
      Add to that shipping costs and dealer mark-up and I don’t see much change out of $1200NZD at launch cost. I hope I’m wrong but I remember the XS1 being close to $1200 NZD when it was launched. Bridge cameras aren’t worth anywhere like this sort of money especially when you can buy DSLR’s here from $600.00 NZD, that have considerably faster performance and a huge jump in image quality.
      I guess we will have to wait and see what happens. I believe they should be available sometime late July here.


      1. Yep, you will only know for sure once you have got one in your hands. I hope to have a play with one soon at an upcoming Panasonic event. We haven’t done very well with recent Panasonic bridge cameras at work (Fz 62,72,100 etc)whereas we used to sell loads of their earlier premium bridge models (FZ7, 10,20,30,50)
        I am pleased to see that manufacturers are still taking this segment seriously and offering premium versions, lets just hope that Fuji still see some value left in this segment of the market and introduce some new models.
        I am on holiday as I type this and have just bought my X-S1 with me, as much as I love my SLRs, there is something quite liberating about just taking one ‘do it all’ camera….and to be perfectly honest, what you lack in sensor size, is more than made up for with the ability to just shoot anything with what you have in your hands, and not missed while changing lenses.
        When I first bought my X-S1 I took some test shots to compare it with the D7000 I had at the time, and the difference was far closer than I thought it would be…. so an X-S2 with a 1″ sensor could be an absolute winner….. COME ON FUJI!!


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