Decision made.

At this point I have decided to replace the HS20 with a XA1 twin lens kit. It is a little smaller than I would like and it is a twin lens camera, but the feedback from users and reviewers has been outstanding.
To help with the smaller grip I will invest in a Hand Grip HG-XE1. ( Scroll down to the middle of the page.)

XA1 Twin Lens kit is available from Justwow

While the decision has been made there is a caveat, I will wait until reports from Photokina are announced to see if Fuji has indeed decided to step up their game and introduce a 1″ sensor bridge camera. Now that would be something. As it stands the new breed (Sony & Panny ) bridge cameras while very well specified will fall outside the upper limit for a new camera, just as the XS1 did.

I’m able to get at todays prices a XA1 twin lens kit from a local supplier for $800.00 NZD. Depending upon announcements at Photokina this price may well drop further and I’m tempted to wait until the Xmas specials start coming out to see what happens to the pricing. There’s a couple of extra bits of kit I would like so if the XA1 does have a price drop that would be nice. However at the current price this is a very good buy for anyone wanting a first class camera.

I’m going for the Silver black look. It has a nice retro style appearance and looks like a small XE1/2. The XA1 is available as a twin lens kit from JustWow For $800.00 NZD, making it a pretty good  option for those wanting to step up a little without huge outlay. You do have to order this kit as its not currently listed on their website. I emailed them a few days ago and got a reply back the same day so these folks are onto it. They come well recommend by Pricespy users, and given the speed of their reply I have no reservations about dealing with these folk. Add to that they are a New Zealand based company is all the better.

I’f your not wholly convinced of the XA1 here’s some info that may help. I generally don’t put a lot of stock in reviews, however these have helped in my decision.

Imaging Resource article These guys are some of the very few reviewers I place any stock in.











6 thoughts on “Decision made.

  1. They do look good, and as you say, the reviews are generally very good. My only reservation, is do you really want an interchangeable lens camera? Obviously only you can answer that. My own experience has been that although I love my Nikons, I find I end up leaving them at home as I can’t be doing with carrying the lenses and a bag around with me, so inevitably the X-S1, comes with me 90% of the time. It always amazes me that ‘bridge’ cameras are not massively popular for that very reason. there will always be people who bitch about sensor size, but those same people also own a digital compact with a smaller sensor than something like the X-S1 and certainly smaller than the new 1″ sensor models. Lets see what Photokina brings!


    1. Indeed I would still prefer an all in one solution, I’m simply not prepared to pay over $1000.00 for one, when there are other options at considerably less expense.
      I want to improve both the Image quality, as well as general performance, of any new camera. I have some photo journalism style projects in mind which the XA1 would suit admirably. I still have the HS20 if I need extra reach in good conditions, but the improved IQ from both better quality lenses and large sensor has now become the overriding factors.

      The results I’m seeing from the XA1 with its 16-50mm lens are very good and for the majority of what I intend to shoot will do well.
      I have to give more consideration to what I’m shooting rather than being a more generalistic shooter. In the past I’ve had the tendency to shoot stuff that in hindsight really is rather valueless and as I get older, I need to be somewhat more considered in my approach photographically.

      I still think the FZ1000 could accomplish a great deal but at its likely price point just isn’t going to be up for consideration. If Fuji do come out with an upgraded bridgecamera at Photokina and its price point is at or under the budget threshold then I would definitely be interested, that’s why I’m prepared to wait a while yet.
      It will also be interesting to see what initial user reports are for the FZ1000 as it will be available well before Photokina. No matter what it should be interesting to see how far the manufacturers are prepared to push the bridgecamera development.


  2. It would be amazing (and sad) if Fuji stop pushing this sector. They have really championed it in the past and to give up now, just when the competition is getting interesting would be such a shame. All comes down to profits in the end though I suppose.


    1. You’re right. Profitability is what its about first and foremost, although Fuji do listen to their clients, if a little slowly. Fuji stated a couple of years back that they intend to become a market leader in the photographic arena and to date the X series looks to be a pretty serious attempt to do that.

      We can only hope that they can appreciate just how much we as users like their bridge cameras and continue with an X series model perhaps with a micro 4/3 sensor just to be a little different to the competition. Now I would pay more than $1000.00 NZD for that ( especially with a manual zoom ) , constant f2.8 lens, in a heart beat 🙂


    1. Easy to be an arm chair critic. Perhaps you would like to expand on your synopsis as to what you find objectionable. Or perhaps you are just another internet troll out for a spot of trouble.Care to share?


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