Yes the HS10 can do video

As short ( and not very professional ) video clip I found today while rummaging around in the archives.

Shot with the HS10 on a very cold and wet race day. I’ll post some images as well in the galleries in the next day or so. The cars were passing our position at about 210kph on the short Tristram Street straight. My position was somewhat precariously balanced on a handrail pole on the local squash court steps.

I also have a short video clip of ZZ Top in concert which shows just how useful the HS10 was as a lowlight video camera.


Here’s the ZZ Top clip. I got knocked a few times as people came and went which made the focus hunt a bit. Once it settled down it was better than I thought it would be. This is taken at full zoom (720mm) equivalent and the I.S. seems to be doing its job reasonably well.

Just goes to show what some of these cameras can do. Best used with a set focal length as they don’t reacquire focus very fast.

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