Panasonic FZ1000 now available in New Zealand.

Photowarehouse have the new Panasonic FZ1000 for sale.

Launch price at $1368.00 is  way too expensive to class this as a average users camera. This is exceeds even the Fuji XS1’s exorbitant launch price, and while the Panny is nice, its still only a bridge camera. There are much better DSLR options out there for those that are after cutting edge Image Quality and performance. If you don’t have huge hands you can get an XA1 twin lens kit here in NZ for $800.00 NZD

It seems that both Sony and Panasonic have decided that their new bridge cameras should be aimed at the Pro market rather than the average enthusiasts sector.

As far as price reductions go here in NZ, the aging XS1 new is still over $850.00. Unfortunately prices seldom drop much with cameras here. So we get stuck with old stock that’s way too expensive. I can see a lot of people going the 2 lens kitset route with a modest DSLR for about half the cost of the FZ1000.

The Canon 1200D twin lens kit is available for a little over half the FZ1000’s current price.

Suffice to say I wont invest in one or a Sony RX10. This is just the sort of thing that will drive people to a top line mobile phone for there photographic needs, and indeed my 31 year old daughter has a nice Canon compact that she never uses because her iPad takes just as good a photo for her needs.

Nice technology for sure but at the price point, pretty much irrelevant for those on a modest budget, wanting quality cameras and IQ.

Lets hope Fuji don’t start down this expensive path.

5 thoughts on “Panasonic FZ1000 now available in New Zealand.

  1. Hmmm. The price will come down (here in the UK) as always. Currently £750. When it drops to the 500-600 mark, I shall be aquiring one, for sure.The majority of reviews are glowing regards IQ. And for me, the clincher is the auto LCD/EVF switcher. Like the Lumix LX5, I think the FZ1000 will be a keeper. A bit of a legend. All in all, I believe that Panasonic may have got this one right!
    Personally, I believe that DSLR’s are a tad over-rated these days. Certainly 4/3 cameras (Panasonic & Olympus) get better and better. Great IQ; not as heavy. All the bells and whistles. AND lenses made by both companys can be used on either make camera…


    1. 750.00 GBP is $1486 .00NZD.
      Assuming it drops to 600.00 GBP that is still $1188 NZD at today’s exchange rates.
      For most camera enthusiasts that sort of pricing for a bridgecamera will all but kill sales here. That happened with the XS1, its happening to the Sony RX10 and I have no doubt the same will apply to the Panny.
      All the local camera shops are reporting this trend to varying degrees. As a video camera first and an image shooter second it will, like the Sony, appeal to the video users. And of course that’s what they are hoping for, as high quality video cameras are woefully expensive by comparison. Thats all well and good but it doesn’t help the rest of us that will have to get along with these manufactures second tier products. Anyone for a FZ300 ?

      And just to put this in perspective the HS50 is only a little over a year old and most large Fuji stockists dont stock them and those that do have the price so high its insane. Online shops here are still able to get stock but the big chains aren’t stocking poor sellers and the HS50 has been a poor seller here and the S1 is almost non existent.


  2. Prices have never been fair, globally. America still gets these things at a cheaper deal than the UK. Scamming swine. And as for cost, hang it; I’ll just buy the FZ1000 as (stated in previous post) I believe it will be a keeper. For me at any rate. Most pastimes invloving kit will always make our wallets/purses wince. Worth it but…


    1. Yep prices outside the US seem to be whatever they can get away with.
      If the FZ1000 is as good as it appears to be, it may well be enough for me to grab one in 6-12 months time. By then at least there will be a modest price reduction. However a purchase being over $1000.00 is something that wont wash with my other half. If I spend that sort of money I will need to know its sufficiently good enough to have a 3-5 year ownership period. Being on a fixed income means being very careful about what you do purchase.


  3. Your point about fixed income is noted. I work as an Agency worker here in the UK so I take what they throw my way. Still; by the time the price does come down, I should have the money squirrelled away. I think the 1000 will be a keeper for years if I can help it.


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