Fuji X-30 …poor pre sales reported by Amazon.

According to this article at Fuji Rumors the X-30 is bombing in the pre-sales.

In fact I think it could be worse. I just checked the top 100 sellers in the P&S division and the X-30 doesn’t currently make to the top 100.

This trend if it continues will be alarming the sales dept at Fuji. There could be a number of things at play here. Firstly it’s priced pretty high  Too High ? ) and compared to some of its competitors its an also ran, in terms of sensor technology and size.

Then theres Photokina, which a lot of smart camera owners ( me included ) are waiting to see what new releases are announced. The X-70 from Fuji was buried some time ago in a statement to that effect from Fuji, so just what is the new X series camera they intend to bring out?

Have they made a mistake with the X-30 and left there run in the enthusiast compact camera market too late and using previous generation sensors? I guess as usual time will tell, but how many X-20 owners want to upgrade and just how many new X-30’s can the market stand?

Watch this video and see if the X-30 maybe for you.


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