Where to from here for 2015?

With no sign of any impending model to succeed the HS50 or the S1 to date, it would seem that Fuji is continuing its trend into the X series development. It would not surprise me to see them drop any or all of the  current Point & Shoot and bridgecameras over the next 12 months. Mostly likely they will continue with an S series model and the more sport orientated XP model and that will be it.

So where does this leave the ever increasing problem of replacing our Fuji bridgecameras?

If the current trend continues then Fuji will completely abandon the  average Fuji user, forcing us to either consider an X series camera or some other offering from a competitor. To me this is a very dangerous path for Fuji to walk, as it runs the risk of a consumer lash-back, of which I will definitely be one.

There is no way I will support Fuji with my hard earned cash if they haven’t got the balls to come out and at least tell Fuji fans what their intention is. Do I sound pissed? You betcha I do. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years on Fuji products and have looked forward to an ever improving range, especially in the enthusiast/prosumer ranges.

To simply walk away without offering a reason is just plain rude. But then this has been typical of Fuji’s sales/marketing/management over the last couple of years. Suffice to say at this point in time I would never recommend a Fuji product to anyone regardless of how good it may be as you simply cant trust the company to support that range of products long term. ( this applies solely to their digital imaging division). In the mean time I will just have to make do with my HS20 until it stops working or I replace it.

Ok so now that I have that off my chest, whats the best alternative for an aging Fuji Bridge-camera?

Well as it turns out there are a number of alternatives that could be considered contenders. We will deal with each in depth over the next few posts.

With that in mind, lets start with Sony’s RX10, as its the first of the new generation of high spec bridgecameras being brought to market. Rather than repeat all the detail here I will let Chris Niccolls from the CameraTVStore take you through the good and bad points of the RX10.

Next post will look at the Panasonic FZ1000….

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