HS20 in really low light – performance.

As a reminder of just how difficult it is to get a small sensor like the HS20’s to perform in low light heres an example. To get any sort of result was difficult to say the least. I shot a series of night time images  of the local hay contractors bailing our hay last night.

To get any sort of usable image I had to shoot ISO 1600 and plus 1 to 1.5 Ev to obtain a shutter speed that would produce a usable image. Suffice to say the HS20 didn’t do too well in this exercise and left me lamenting the lack of a good aps-c based camera.

After about 50 shots which left me two or three usable images I selected one that was the best of them. Added contrast, darkened the background slightly, sharpened and noise reduced using Neat Image and then final processing in Photoscape. Finished in Sepia as it helps show a little more contrast. The color version is good but the Sepia lends itself a little more to the final look of the image.

I chose to frame the image and use a light white vignette to help isolate the image ( cropped from original ) and then scaled to 1600 pix for the long edge to further reduce artifacts. This image is shot at ISO1600 and still only gave me 1/50 sec exposure time which shows how little light there was to work with.




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