New Years Eve 2015 … what will you be doing in 2015?

It’s December 31 2014 — New years eve, where will you be for this event? Will you have cameras with you? This a great time of year to capture those moments when we roll out of one year and roll into the next.

Have you got any photographic new year must do’s, wishes or something you simply have to do. A new year resolution?

Mine will be to find a good replacement for my HS20 as its now starting to get a bit unreliable. Mind you I should not complain too much, it’s taken over 100,000 images in the four years I have had it.

The HS50EXR is now on sale here for $499.00, which is a bit of a bargain. Mind you its taken 2 years for the price to reduce here in N.Z.

This begs the question do I really want to shell out for what is now old tech and as Kim Lektmen has shown with his intensive tests of the Fuji S1 Vs HS50, the S1 was, overall the better performer in the imagery stakes with the HS50 better in the performance & ergonomics stakes. In some cases the HS50 was woefully short on IQ in the tests and gave up a lot of IQ to its sibling the S1. It shows how much the technology advances in the space of a year. The HS50 is tempting at this price and images can be significantly improved with the HS50 shooting RAW and processing afterwards. In the Jpeg stakes the S1 is a clear winner, things are a lot closer if shooting RAW, as we have seen in the tests.

Of course this assumes that stocks will last at this price, and if they don’t, I will consider other alternatives.

There has been some talk lately the Fuji may discontinue with the XA1 and XM1 cameras, which are the two entry level cameras if one is starting out in the X series mirror-less range. I think at least one model should stay in circulation for those who want a bridgecamera replacement at a really hot price, rather than  stepping up to the more fully featured XE2, which is going to set you back two to three times the cost of the XA1 with a twin lens kit. Again it may pay to “Get them while they are hot” so to speak. If you have large hands like me you will want to get the hand-grip extension as well. It is listed as an accessory for the XM1 but will fit both cameras as the bodies are identical. Be prepared to pay for this as they are not cheap.

In the mean time CES 2015 is only 10 days away so there is the possibility that we may see some new models from Fuji or at least confirmation that they are going to continue to produce the S1 and HS50 for the short term, Generally if there are new models on the horizon we have normally seen or heard that there are new models coming and to date Fuji has remained quiet on this other than announcements for future X series cameras or lenses. This does not bode well for those of us who would like to see a XS2 or something close to that as a new replacement camera … time will tell, we are just going to have to be patient until then.

From the Crew here at Akiwiretrospective, we wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Now get out there and take some photos ……..

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