New Fuji’s for 2015… Pt1

Recently Fuji announced a range of new equipment for 2015.

For more in depth specifications check out the listings here at Fujifilm

Fuji S9900w & S9800

For the consumer there is the S9900W ( wireless model ) and the S9800 which is the same camera without the wireless.

There’s a new XP80 tough sports camera as well, the XP’s have proved to be a pretty good unit for casual sports and outdoor  activities, and is relatively popular. Go Pro however has shown that they will be the most likely camera to be used in this arena, but comes at a fairly hefty price-point, and that’s where the XP fits in.

For the X series users there is some welcome news. The XQ2 has been added as an upgrade to the XQ1 and will be of interest to frustrated XF1 users looking for something a little better. The XF1 was another of the Fuji products that should have been a hit, but poor manufacture yet again saw it consigned to the Interesting But Didn’t Really Happen  division for Fuji.

Of course we are all aware by now of the X30, and interestingly there is very divided opinion as to the merits of this camera with a lot of folks wondering why Fuji didn’t incorporate a 1 inch sensor as their opposition have. It made me wonder as well. As a premium compact its still pretty hard to beat, but there are some cameras that now offer a 1 inch sensor with pretty much all the features if no more of the X30. While its a good update, I feel that this should have been done at the time they brought out the X20. Fuji may have missed their mark a little here.

The X100T and the XT1 have been out for a while now so I really don’t class them as new models but rather as current models.

The best news in the X series however is the introduction of the XA2. Initially I saw it as an upgrade to the very good XA1. However it has significant new features that make it worth calling a separate model in its own right.

The body hasn’t changed much, but the dimension are slightly bigger and weightier in the XA2’s body when the two models are compared. This is a good thing as a little more weight in the body should help balance the camera when using the bigger lenses. I’m pleased to see that they have retained the excellent Bayer sensor in this models. Close examination of the XA1 Vs XM1 with its X-Trans sensor showed the Bayer sensor of the XA1 to have the edge in clarity/sharpness and overall image quality. Not by much but it was noticeable. As both cameras had identical feature sets the price difference came down to the X-Trans sensor being more expensive.

Towards the latter part of 2014 Fuji announced that they were going to drop at least one of the X series camera models. With the arrival or the XA2 I would speculate that the XM1 is due to be discontinued. The logic for this is simple, there really isn’t a need for two entry level X series cameras and the arrival of the XA2 would tend to support this assumption. Time as always will tell, however I always thought the inclusion of the XM1 at the entry level was a mistake. It takes the support of a feature set like that found in the XE2 to support the strengths of the X-trans sensor. We see this in the XE2 and further supported and enhanced in the XT1, a camera I would dearly love to use.

In Part two of this report we will take a very close look at the feature set being offered in the new XA2. Its been a while since I felt really interested in a Fuji camera, but the XA2 ticks an awful lot of boxes for me.



2 thoughts on “New Fuji’s for 2015… Pt1

  1. Ahh yes. The X-T1. This is the only camera I know of where one can clearly see just how good it is from shots posted online. Out of my price range, alas. Looking at the X-T10 out of the corner of my eye now…


    1. X-T10 also has grabbed ny attention, but the price is just a bit too much for my budget. An XA1 or XA2 twin lens kit should do just about as well, so long as I get the hand-grip for better control.


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