Shoot the Moon

This applies to the HS10 – HS20 & HS30.

Note: Settings are a little different for the HS50.

Approx 1-1/2 hours before Sunset on Sunday 25th January, I decided to take some shots of the crescent Moon, using the HS20.

This image is shot in color using Velvia film simulation. Note the overexposed areas. This is caused by insufficient -0.0 EV. The shot was 1 17th sec but only -0.67 EV.


The following image was shot using Black & White film simulation and -1.33 Ev.


This last image is a 50% crop of the B&W image above. Had I used -2.0Ev and a little less turbulence in the upper atmosphere and the detail would have been greater still. See the shooting settings below this image.

DSCF9646 50pc crop

The images above were shot using the following settings:

  1. Camera mounted on a tripod.
  2. Image stabilization = Off.
  3. Set EXR HR 16:9 file size.
  4. Sharpness = hard.
  5. Tone = Normal
  6. Color = Black & White Film Simulation
  7. Metering = Spot
  8. ISO = 100
  9. AF single shot mode
  10. AF area set to center.
  11. Noise reduction low.
  12. -1.33 Ev ( could have used -2.0 Ev  for better result )


Pre-focus with half press of the shutter and press AE/AF lock button ( lock AF only )

Set timer to 10 seconds and take shot if windy ( Note: the AF lock will be switched off if the timer is used so make sure you pre-focus properly before taking the shot.)

And that’s the basic setup I used for these images.




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