2015 – A quick look back

Photographically speaking 2015 was a bit of a bust or to put it another way the year that wasn’t.

Photography for me took a big step backward as work and health issues needed to be dealt to.

Camera wise, Fuji failed to fire except for those in the X series club. Apart from the less than stellar S1 there was little of interest for those not using an X series camera. Unfortunately 2016 doesn’t look to be much better.

I had previously reported that my HS20 was suffering from intermittent focus problems. Most likely due in part to me dropping it and the fact that it has clicked off more than 70000 images of which I had about 45000 stored and indexed. Unfortunately the focusing issues are still with me.

Thanks to an untimely virus infection from a reputable photography site those 45000 images are gone. On a brighter note I had put a great many on this blog or various photo-sharing sites such as Flickr & Picassa.

As Fuji had nothing to interest me, there was no new camera to replace my current one.

This year the program is to decide which of these 3 cameras I will purchase. Namely Fuji HS50EXR, Fuji X30 or the Pentax K-50. I will delve further into this process in coming posts. Its not a simple decision as it calls into question what I want from my photographic hobby.

The intention is to be more proactive on the blog this year regardless of my own journey as theres a lot to review and discuss, which reminds me there will be reports of new offerings coming out of CES in the next few days. There’s a few rumors running around and it will be interesting to see how accurate they are.



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