The Fuji XA2-Fit & Finish.

The first thing you notice with the XA2 is its size or rather lack of it when compared to the HS20. Rather than going with the all black body we selected the black and silver version which personally  I think lends a nice retro touch to the setup. The silver colored lenses help reinforce this look as well. Reminds me very much of an old 00Xmeg-307745684Fujica Film camera.

Its a look Fuji does very well and hopefully they will continue to do so. The overall impression on first look is quality. Buttons are well placed and had a good positive click to them so you know that you are getting the result you want. Top deck has the main dials, power switch & Ev comp wheel. All have positive click or ratcheting feed back. The smaller adjustment wheel on the upper back has a nice solid click when depressed and is easy to rotate for quick settings changes.

The pop up flash is small but surprisingly effective at short range, and tilts to allow directed flash. A programmable Function button and hot shoe complete the control system.

DSCF3576The body is metal ( not sure what, but anodized aluminum is likely) with some of the surfaces using plastic covers. A Metal tripod & lens mount is supplied and the battery cover is easy to access for battery removal. The memory card is housed alongside the battery and can be a little fiddly to get out if like me you have big hands.

The two kit lenses supplied ( twin lens kit ) are silver with metal tubing and plastic outer covers.and metal control rings. The lens mount is plastic so be careful not to knock the lenses too hard. Supplied with standard 16-55 f3.5- 5.6 and the 50 – 230 f4.5 – 6.7 lenses. While not the fastest glass by any means they do perform well.

As part of the promo deal Photowarehouse offered was a really nice Fuji X series bag, leather half case, an extra battery, and the very nice XF 27 f2.8 pancake lens.

The entire package was very well presented and certainly didn’t feel like it lacked for anything extra.

In coming sections we will review in more detail all of the above kit. For those living in New Zealand looking for a new camera to replace the aging bridge you may own, then the above promo deal is a must have. Later on we will add an XT10 to the family as well …but thats for later.

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