The XA2 and shooting macros.

While the XA2 doesn’t have a macro function like the compacts and point and shoot cameras have natively, there are other options.

Depending upon how intense your macro shooting requirements, there is a economic way to approach Macro photography with the XA2 and the 16-50 mm lens. One of the really good things about Fuji lenses is the 58 mm screw thread, so if like me you have a Macro lens filter set that you used with the likes of the HS20 then you already have a starting option.

In its own right the 16-50 lens allows the camera to automatically shoot closer than normal. Its a macro function built into the XA2 for use with its 16-50mm kit lens. This allows for some pretty good close up work and with the ability to crop makes for a good starting point.

XC 16-50mm approx 60% crop, edited in Photoscape.

As you can see from the above image the XA2 gives a nice result just with the kit lens.

For those wanting a little more detail the you could use one of the 4 Macro filters that come in sets like these. TThe HS20 and Macro Lens - Filtershis set was from E bay a few years ago now and at the time only cost approx $15.00 NZD + postage. There are more expensive versions of this and Canon puts a highly regarded set as well, so there plenty of choice.

The following shots were taken using the 16-50 mm kit-lens with the +10 Macro filter, making it look more like a fish eye lens. In essence it gives results that resemble a myopic fish eye lens. The depth of field is very very small, almost razor thin and is easily altered by the angle of the lens to subject. This is best seen in these images where the focal area looks elongated due to the of axis orientation of the camera. In other-words you dont obtain a truly circular focal plane unless you are at a true 90 degrees to your subject which requires a tripod and a stationery object.

The following images were shot Raw, batch developed in Silkypix Pro7 as tiff’s and final PP work was done with Photoscape 3.7

Mostly, sharpen,contrast and curves to taste. Saved a Jpegs.

To view the full sized images open the image in a new tab or window.

Shot at 16mm f3.5
Shot at 25mm f3.5
Shot at 20mm f3.5
Reduced crop of above image. Reducing Jpegs to a smaller size often results in a crisper image. Both of these images were created from a single image and cropped 50%

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