FujiLove Global Walk 2016

Last Saturday (23/7/2016) was Fuji walk day and as it turned out pretty darn wet. At least here in Hamilton.

This walk is the inspiration of Tomash  & Fujilove Global Walk

A bunch of us braved the cold and wet to gather outside Snapshot cameras with our Fuji’s to see what we could see. We decided that a walk around central city areas was best as this would keep us out of the worst of the weather. 

We started off heading through the central city area ( Garden Place) and the progressed south. Despite the inclement weather we were able to get the odd shot of interesting things that showed off a little of the city center despite the rain.

lightroom export-3.jpg

Because of the weather I choose to shoot at ISO 800 for most of the day with Auto ISO 1600 set for when the light was a little more variable. As it turns out ISO 800 would have been fine. Part of the series of images I kept were shot with the XC 16-50 mm and some with the XC 50-230 mm lens.

Between all the members of the group we had XA2’s,XT100’s, XT10’s, XT1 and Xpro 1. A good cross section of the Fuji lineup. All in all despite the weather it was a good chance to get out with some of the local X series owners and talk about cameras, photography and all manner of subjects.

You can view the RAW edits and the Jpegs here:

RAW Album

JPEG Album

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