The XA3 .. who is it for.

Iv’e been giving this some thought.

If you read the Fuji media blurb they appear to be aiming the XA3 at the Asian female market predominantly, and show it as being an excellent camera for the modern female photographer who wants something feature rich and compact.

With the standard XC16-50 kitlens attached it is small but not compact. To think of an XA camera as compact it would need the addition of the XF 27 mm lens to qualify. This would make for a very nice fast shooting travel compact and indeed a number of users  have an XA2 in this configuration for just such a purpose.

But the XA3 is so much more than that, given its new sensor and features, it really a camera for the enthusiast as well who is happy to work without the EVF, but have almost as many features as the XT10 or XE2 sports. It has enough features to consider it as a serious photography unit. With the XC 50 -230 attached, the optional hand-grip added, this makes the XA cameras a very nice go anywhere package without the bulk of the DSLR or the larger X series cameras and the heavier XF lenses. With a shooting speed of 6 fps its capable of capturing a lot of action as well as landscape and portrait  shooting.

So who is this camera for?

Its for anyone who wants a step up from a serious compact or point and shoot. Its also a great second body thats compatible with all the current Fuji lenses. It can be a lightweight, go anywhere travel camera that with two kit-lenses will give excellent IQ  and reach for almost all occasions. While not a dedicated sports shooter it can still capture the action, and the Jpeg output straight for the camera is excellent. In effect its an XA2 on steroids and for anyone keen to get into serious photography its a extremely affordable option that will give very good results for a long time. Oh yeah and it can do selfies too!

For anyone wanting to replace an older Fuji camera such as an HS20 or camera of an earlier vintage, then the XA3 offers a very attractive feature set and an affordable price point, allowing Fuji fans to continue with their favourite brand of camera.




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