Back to the grind.

Well the holiday period is now long gone, and its back to work as normal. I have been very lazy over the past couple of months in regards to photography. Like some sports people I seem to be experiencing a “form slump“.

The HS20 at its best

Partly because the weather hasn’t been great and partly because the last year had left me somewhat drained. It seems the once you get past the 60 mark things just seem to get that little bit harder, coupled with the fact the the cataracts I suffer from have degraded further, all of which hasn’t helped.

But I think one of the biggest impediments has been the switch to the two lens setup. If I’m honest I have to say that this setup really hasn’t helped. Dont get me wrong the XA2 is an excellent camera and its newer  cousin the XA3 has improved on that and actually has a lot of the improvements I would use.

It turns out that I prefer the one lens option, probably because I really like the bridgecamera option. I have found that with the two lens system I have missed far too many shot simply because I cant go from macro to tele in one lens. I can live without the macro but the lack of wide angle to tele is proving highly problematic.

I’m not one of those photographers who plans a shoot, and for example, decides that all they will shoot is images of flowers for that day. I prefer the spontaneity of the moment type of scenario.

This makes things a bit more difficult when using two lenses or more. I’ve said it before that when it comes to photography I’m a generalist shooter and am happiest when doing so, hence I’ve decided to sell my XA2 setup and find an alternative.

One such alternative could well be a good used XT10 and couple it with the XF18-135 to create an all in one solution. While it doesn’t have the reach of some of the dedicated bridge cameras currently available it more than makes up for it in image quality, or perhaps I will start thinking about an FZ1000. No decision has been made as yet and I dont expect I will make the change for many months to come. I would however be interested to here from other two lens users as to how they have adapted when switching from a bridge camera to a more conventional setup.

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