Slowly getting back to normal

Six weeks ago I had a workplace accident which left me in hospital for a few days and then 5 weeks of rehab.

During this period I wasnt able to get out and move very easily so no photos and not a lot of computer time. Its amazing how easy it is to bring everything to a halt, but as they say “Thats life”

Sadly though the money I received from the sale of the XA2 had to go to medical expenses, so for the next wee while I will have to continue to use my ageing HS20EXR.

I had made a tentative decision to return to shooting film as well, and get the images scanned for long term storage. With the drive by camera manufacturers to supply equipment that is retrospective in design, look & feel as well as having those classic film simulations, it got me interested in shooting film.

I have two very good Pentax SLR’s and a nice range of lenses so my photography project for the interim will be capturing images once again on film. I will document the process and where applicable match it too results from the HS20 for comparison.

As we are now heading into Autumn we are starting to see some of those really good Autumnal colours coming out which I hope to be able to capture.

Hopefully all going well I should have some results by the end of the month, so I will keep you posted.

The MZ-6 My favourite Film SLR

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