Sony Cameras and the ” Star Eater ” issue.

Over the last 6 months or so I have been watching the development of a potential  flaw in Sony cameras when it comes to astrophotography and long period low-light exposure.

PetaPixel a well known photography site has now made the call to publish the article listed here  PetaPixel StarEater . If you have updated your firmware lately you need to be aware of this issue.

Read about how it affects Sony cameras in this article a more in depth feature from Ian Norman at Lonely Speck & The Star Eater  article.

This incorporates a model by model summation of the Sony cameras.

For those of you who follow the astrophotography forum at DPreview you are probably aware of the issue, and like Ian,  I wont steer anyone towards a Sony ( for general astrophotography only ) until we have a fix from Sony on this subject. This could be a long time coming or it could be a simple as a menu switch to turn the “new improved algorithm ” on and off as required.

I will post any changes to this situation a things progress.

A comparison of an unaffected exposure with a “Star Eater” exposure at 100% crop from PetaPixel


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