Shooting with a half Moon

For the first time in over a month we had a truly still night with no wind, which is a pretty rare event given we live on a mountain.

The first image is one of the half moon approx two hours before Moon set, at 10.00PM local time. The sky is not truly dark at this time and the brightness of the Moon was enough to give a really nice blue cast to the background sky. Shot at F9 at 1/160 sec at ISO 100, focal length was 300 mm, which is the max for my EF 55-300 kit tele lens.

Processed and cropped in RAW Therapee. I am quite pleased with both the colour and clarity. F9 – F11 seems to be the sweet spot for this lens when doing Lunar photography.

Lunar crop

The second series I did for the night was looking south to the Southern Cross and the Coal Sack region. The first image is a single processed Raw file saved as an jpeg whilst the second image is an eight image stack again all images processed with Raw Therapee.


Notice the blurring in the foreground from the image stacking process.

the cross-final
Stacked Image

You can see from the two files how much different the stacked image is from the single frame. The processing that was used was a preset I made up in Raw Therapee and applied to both. The stacked image was done in Siril. The images were shot at 20 sec, ISO 1600, f3:5, at fl 18 mm using my Canon EF-S 18-55 mm kit lens. Focus was done manually with both IS and AF turned off.

Full sized images can be viewed below, just click each thumbnail image.










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