Lacking Inspiration….taking a break.

As the title says ” Lacking Inspiration”, for me a least seems to be a seasonal thing. It may well be for a good many of us and while it may strike at any time, for me it seems to arrive around the middle of winter and through spring.

Now that it is officially summer I’m hoping that better weather will help get me in the “mood” for photography once again. This winter has seen us plagued with a long cold and drawn out winter/spring season with precious little to whet the photographic appetite.

Add to that both my wife and I have been combating on going illness and the desire to take photos or even write the odd article for this blog have been at a very low ebb. This lack of “creative juice” to coin a phrase is something that I see echoed by even the most prolific photographers and it made me wonder just how this might affect you and what might you do to keep the creative urge going at times when your interest and desire to be creative is at a low.

Leave a comment or email me if you have a story to tell….In the meantime I’m placing “akiwiretrospective” on sabbatical and will report back in a couple of months once the Xmas rush and holidays are past. In the meantime  spend a while and have a read, got any questions, drop us a comment or email, we will be around to respond. Otherwise ( and I know its early ) Have a Great Christmas break.

Happy snappin’


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