The Start of A New Year

2020 going forward~

So whats in store for the New Year? Hopefully a prosperous one for all of us.

As I’ve said in previous articles, towards the latter half of last year I completely ran out of any real inspiration for photography, and truth to tell I’m still a little in this mode, however as regular readers will have noticed theres been some changes to the “Look” of the website, and hopefully that will make things a little more streamlined and a little less cluttered, especially for those using tablets or smartphones.

Apart from my photography endeavors another area that I’m really quite passionate about is music, and while its true that my tastes in music derive from the ’60s and moreso the ’70s I’m a keen music lover of many of the later generations and styles. To this end I will have a Music orientated section that covers these topics, and as a lot of artists are or were photographers I will expand on that as well.

For myself, a lover of both photography and music the modern era is a true blessing in the form of the likes of YouTube and a host of other social media platforms. Growing up in the ’70s we would never have dreamed that what we have today was possible. We are truly spoiled for choice.

As to my own photography work, I’ve decided on a slightly different approach. For my own personal endeavor I’m going to continue to shoot a limited amount of film, primarily for my own collection & printing, mostly family orientated.

I’m also going to revert back to shooting Jpeg only. I’ll expand a little more on this in coming writings, but one of the truly important issues is reducing the amount of time that I spend editing images. While I do to some extent enjoy the editing process it takes up far too much time. As I’ve stated elsewhere my health is somewhat variable at present as is that of my wife, therefore it goes without saying that the least amount of time spent in front of a computer screen editing can only be a good thing.

While I do see the reason for pro level photographers having the option of RAW files, there isn’t really as much need in the hobbyist/enthusiast arena for need to slavishly edit RAW files because we are told that Jpegs arent good enough. Given the quality of jpeg images from the likes of Fuji, Panasonic & Olympus cameras that all produce outstanding Jpegs, it leaves the photographer to concentrate on getting the basics of photography right.

Jpeg, edited in Rawtherapee, taken with the Fuji HS20EXR

If you are a composite shooter RAW obviously allows more latitude, but for general photography work I’m happy to stay a Jpeg shooter, and to that end, for now at least I will continue using the venerable HS20EXR as my primary Jpeg shooter. I will be looking to replace this in the not too distant future and have a few ideas about that but would be happy to here from those of you who prefer shooting Jpegs as to your recommendations.

Another area I want to bring back and its something I’ve not done in some time is the “Featured Photographer” series. Its been 9 years since I last ran this feature and something I would like to restart. I’m hoping as part of this process to start doing some collaborative work with some of our local photographers within the community as well. Stay tuned for that.

All in all it may be a busy year here at the Retrospective and hopefully you all find something to help keep you inspired.

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