4 thoughts on “The Frugal Photographer — a budget friendly camera setup.

  1. What a great website, thank you for going to the effort to produce it. I am based in Te Awamutu and just about a full time (unpaid) enthusiast photographer. I was looking for an explanation of Fujifilm’s EXR settings when your site came up in the search results.


    1. Cheers Arthur, always happy to help.
      I’m located in Te Pahu and I’m a somewhat backsliding member of the Te Awamutu camera club. Work and health has been keeping me from attending club meetings of late. I will be at the next meeting hopefully.
      Drop us an email if you want to meet up. Always happy to entertain other photographers, address is on the about page in the menus.

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      1. About three years ago I was a member, but didn’t feel I was getting a lot from the club, so slide back into my own world. Serious issues with my wife’s health meant curtailing planned activties for a while. I may join up again in the new year.


        1. Certainly would be good to see you there.
          I know what you mean about getting something out of being a club member. Unfortunately with clubs and small ones especially a shortage of people with the time to devote can be a major issue.
          When I was a member of the Hamilton Astronomy Society we had similar issues with never enough people active in the club, making it harder to drive more interest for members and the public.
          In the digital age we need to use the likes of YouTube and Facebook to really get interest going, and appeal to the smartphone generation as well.


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