The Hu & Lzzy Hale

Every so often you hear a piece of music or a song that grabs your attention in a most unexpected way. This was the case when watching the Hu perform “Song of Women” with Lzzy Hale, and yes thats how her name is spelt.

I’ve been a fan of the Hu from the first time I saw their videos on YouTube. The blend of traditional Mongolian throat singing and folk songs mixed with a driving rock/heavy metal influence gives their music, soul, grit blended with a deep raw traditional sound. They are without doubt one of the most unique bands in modern music today.

Add in the powerhouse voice that is Lzzy Hale and what comes next is a visual and audio treat thats far more rare than you might think. Some musical collaborations work better than others and this one is nothing short of brilliant. Her own band formed with her brother “Halestorm” has been touring and performing worldwide for years, her vocal power and hard rock/metal style lends itself nicely to this Hu/Hale collaboration.

She recently did a collaboration with Lindsey Stirling for Lindsey’s self penned song “Shatter me”. From her 2014 album Shatter Me, and again Lzzy’s vocals dont disappoint. For that matter Lindsey’s ability with the violin is masterful as well. The wail she put into those strings is enough to raise the hair on the back of your neck, like many truly great players she has complete control over her instrument and the flow of the music. Treat your ears to a couple of really great songs.

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