New Camera Upgrade Path .. where to from here?

New Camera Upgrade Path .. where to from here?

With the current problems associated with  the X series of cameras from Fuji, what other options are there for the photographer who wants to step it up a bit?
Firstly it is my hope that in the very near future Fuji will have sorted out its QC issues and have an excellent range of cameras for the end user. The real risk here is that it may not come until the next round of new product release as some of the issues showing up in the X series are going to take time to correct and theres not a lot you can do about that, except be patient and hope that a speedy correction is in the works.
In the mean time for those who are looking to update their cameras now, what choices are there out there?

Premium Grade Compacts.

In the premium compact  market there are several good units coming to the market or have been on the shop shelves for a while now. An obvious one would be the Panasonic LX5. But there are plenty of options out there.

Other options include the Olympus XZ-1 or the Sony 

DSCHX9V, (even though it may seem a little underspecification compared to some of the competition.)
The Canon G12 and the Nikon P7100 are also well worth consideration for your hard earned dollars.

Then there is the Sigma DP2x, possibly the best premium compact on the market. Sporting a DSLR sized sensor this is one camera not to be overlooked. A serious piece of kit, and an excellent X10 replacement option although it is coming under pressure from the newer compact system cameras now available.

Compact System Cameras:
There is serious competition in the same market that the X100 and X10 inhabit.The new generation of small compact system cameras from Pentax, Nikon, Samsung,Panasonic, to name just a few.

Perhaps the giant killer camera of 2012 will turn out to be Pentax’s new K-01. A new generation and direction for the Pentax users, and one that will surely find favour with those that want the best of both worlds. DSLR performance and versatility in a compact system camera format. Purest DSLR users may not see a use for it, but those that want a serious bit of kit in a smaller form factor will not be disappointed.
Carl Garrard of Photographic-central has done a preliminary review of this camera.
It does appear that there is plenty of choice and similar pricing to the X10 for those wishing for a more compact high end compact/compact system camera.
With the amount of options avaiable to the consumer Fuji will need to move quickly to fix its issues if it wishes to maintain or increase market share.

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