A Sunday afternoon excursion…. Part 1.

A Sunday afternoon excursion…. Part 1.

 Yesterday afternoon we went for a drive with our cameras and did a short trip of about 5 hrs around some of the Kawhia harbour Road.

Local man looking for mussels.

This area is reasonably remote and takes a while to get there. The area itself is very sparsely populated so we didn’t often see too many folks out that way, which is great for photographic work.



One lane fishing bridge.The last time I had been out in this region I had used my trusty Fuji s5700, but I wanted to do the same trip with the HS10. Unfortunately the tide was out so there were a few photos I couldn’t redo this trip. But that just means that I will do an  excursion another day.

One of my favorite areas is the one lane bridge that crosses the estuary opposite Te Waitere. It has dedicated fishing platforms so vehicles can pass while people fish off the bridge. Its a very nice spot no matter what the tide is doing.
As the tide was out there was a local chap on the mud flats searching for mussels. I cant say I’m fond of them but my wife loves them.

On the harbour side of the bridge was one of the most forlorn looking boats I have seen in a long time. Judging by the barnacles on the bow I would say its always in the water and only used for local harbour fishing or perhaps for running out flounder nets.

I had to wonder as to whether it was even safe to operate as it doesn’t look like it had been used in a long time.

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