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Aria Home Theatre 1

As well as Photography, I have a passion for quality Hi-Fi sound. To this end I now design and build my own speakers to suit my listening requirements. There are some very good speaker manufactures in the market place, unfortunately most of them produce speakers well outside my budgetary constraints. However all is not lost. With careful design and the availability of quality speaker drivers one can build ones own Hi-Fi speakers.

Given the design software available and a way of making the cabinetry, the construction of a quality speaker that would be in the same class as those made by manufactures is easily attainable.

In the 1970’s as a young lad I built several pairs of speakers, the best of which were the Plessy Davred kit-sets and the then popular Kef Kits. Today there are many kits available or you can start from scratch and design your own including building your own crossovers.

I call my designs the “Aria”, and the name is derived from the term an “Air” or musical melody or tune. It seemed fitting as this is what I enjoy listening to.

You can see how these were constructed in the following articles.

Aria Home Theatre 1

Part 1 & Part 2

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