Auto Focus Speed – a demonstration video

Auto Focus Speed.

You often hear reports about the Fuji AF system being slow. Compared to some of the top range cameras this is undoubtedly true. Fuji claim that the HS20 will focus in 0.16 of a second. Let me tell you here and now, it doesn’t. Not even close.One of my main complaints with the HS20 is its less than stellar AF speed. While considerably better than the HS10 it is still far from where I would expect a camera of this class to be.

To give you an idea of the focus speed of a DSLR, Pentax Forums have this video to view. They also have a couple of others that show the difference, if any in the speed of their two Auto Focus systems. This series is part of the Pentax Kr review, a camera I may well get to replace the HS20.

The lock on speed is very very fast, and the Pentax K5 is even faster.
If the HS30 is able to approach these speeds I may well reconsider my purchasing choice for this year.
The full Pentax Kr review can be viewed here.

Posted by R. McKenzie at 2:31 PM
  1. Hmmm. As a HS20 owner who bought the K-r as well, I can say that the K-r is brill. Whilst the kit lenses are pretty good for what they are, I did myself a favour and bought the 35mm fixed lens. Sharp as! I use Shank’s zoom as a result. Get closer to the subject or back off. AF is fast and colours are spot on. It’s a noisy shutter so I use the HS20 (sound off) if needs be. Get one. I’ve no regrets.
    As for the HS30, I intend to pick one of them up once the prices drop somewhat, as they tend to do with Fuji’s.
    Cheers for the site; it has been well handy…

    Kym Crowley (an Aussie living in England)


  2. Hi Kym,
    I’ve seen the first prices here in N.Z. for the HS30. Its been offered on special at $795.00 NZD which is still a little too high considering the XS1 is currently selling at a $1080 NZD at the moment. I think $595 NZD is about where it should come down to in a month or so.

    I want to see what sort of comments come in about the HS30 from the northern users as they get them well before us as a rule. It looks like there are some going into shops in the UK and Europe.
    My daughter is currently in the UK and wont be back till July so I might get her to pick one up from Jessops.

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