Bridge Over The Waikato.. Pt.3


Bridge Over The Waikato.. Pt.3

Heading South along the walkway you cross the Cobham Drive Bridge and enter the outer grounds of the Hamilton Botanical Gardens. This is a place that is always changing during the seasons, and summer through to autumn is probably the best time to visit. There are beautiful varieties of winter flowers grown here but they just don’t compare to their summer cousins.

Bird roost style unknown found along the entrance pathway
The gardens however are not just about flowers but about culture as well. India, China, England,America as well as native gardens and a fully functional kitchen & herb garden can be found here. This is also the home of Wintec’s (Waikato Institute of technology) Horticulture and arborculture schools.

Part of the outer water area leading into the Japanese garden

Sentinels stand in the courtyard that leads to several of the gardens

There is something here for everyone and its a great place to have lunch and just chill out.

 One of the first gardens you come to is the Japanese garden incorporating a traditional sand and stone garden with a garden of contemplation found by entry through the small viewing room. Its a very apt name as the sound of the city around really doesn’t intrude here and the space is very quiet and restful.

Approaching the Japanese garden

Japanese Stone GardenEntry to the Garden of Contemplation

A local at bath time

Wing washing
Clean and dry.


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