Bridge Over The Waikato

Today I spent a little bit of time in the early morning taking a stroll along part of the walkway alongside the Waikato River here in Hamilton. For those who dont know Hamilton, its a river city and as such the river plays a very big part in our history and in our daily lives. As it was only an hour after sunrise the light was still variable with cloud in the north and east and clear blue sky to the south and west of the city. This made shooting some scenes somewhat more difficult than usual. Add to that the fact that I amputated part of my small finger on my left hand Friday last week, making holding the camera more difficult than usual. This was also the reason for the early morning stroll. I was waiting for the pain relief, after having had a new dressing applied, to kick in before driving home as I live 30 kms west of the city.
The river edge is one of my favorite places in the city and todays shots all center around a short walk from the canoeing club area to just under the Bridge St bridge.
All photos were taken with the Fuji HS10 in “P” mode. The first two shots are taken at ISO 1600 with the balance at ISO 200.

A local outrigger paddler, getting some training .
Amazing what you find here and there.
More outrigger canoes
The “Bridge Street” bridge. Actually the bridge’s real name is “Victoria Bridge”
Traffic still light but building
The bridge lights originally gas lamps.
Approaching the rotunda
Evidence of local artists
Cloudy to the east, poor light
The bridge is a great pigeon roost.
More local artwork
One of many rest stops along the walk way.
Local cruise boat.

I will add more to this walk at a later time.

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